Newsletter #1 April 2010

Greetings Tacomepanions,

We would like to introduce you to the first monthly ever newsletter, all about TacomePai.

First of all we wish this finds you where ever you may be in a place of peace and in an uplifted mood. The intent of this newsletter is to update and inform you of any advances and exciting happenings here at Tacomepai…. as well as doing our best to send you all plenty of good energies. We endeavor to send a new issue every new moon but those of you who are observant of the lunar cycle may have noticed this first issue falls 1 day after full moon. Please forgive us for we have been busy celebrating Songkran Festival !

Currently at TacomePai

Presently the weather in Pai is very dry and very hot with temperatures reaching 42 Celsius! During the last week we have all been blessed and experienced tremendous delight celebrating Songkran Festival (Thai New Year), which among many beautiful activities includes a nationwide water splash!

Due to a such a long, hot dry season the village of Ban Tin That has a scarcity of water and TacomePai is now not only supplying much needed water for the abundance of thirsty plants and trees on the farm but much of the village as well.

We would like to thank all the wonderful people that have been caring and working hard in the Nursery and Gardens in the previous months which has enabled us to taste some of the most delicious array of vegetables and salads many of us have encountered. The Nursery is as productive as it has been and is at present producing banana, mango, lemon mango, pumpkin, teak wood, red wood, vine, cotton, tamarind, papaya, yucca eleta (soap tree), jack fruit, and an unknown sprouting seed found in the forest we have appropriately named ‘forest surprise’, all of which will need to be planted before the rainy season that should (we hope) start in May. We are also now growing avocadoes and cofees as well as our own wheatgrass to make our own tea/juice which is not only rather appetizing but a very healthy beverage any time of the day.

Every Thursday Sandoz and his crew are now hosting a Bamboo Course which includes a day out in the forest learning first-hand about many related aspects of bamboo. While in the wilderness they work facilitating on how to use machete like a pro and how to make you own kitchen utensils, baskets and many other creative artifacts. All income profit obtained from the course, are directed to the development of the new project. (See Below)

A memorable day will be had by anyone keen to learn. Recent students have made hats, hammocks, baskets, water bottle holders, fishing rods, and even a bed for Matt (the dog). Matt didn’t take to his new bed but Sandot was more than keen for a nap in it.

Recent Developments

Thanks to the efforts and donations from all involved, the construction of Cat’s hut was built in the rice fields in January and Matt’s (not the dog) hut is under construction at the moment and should be built within the week. All together TacomePai now has 13 different housing facilities, though the same relaxed familiar vibe is felt throughout the everyday community.

At the end of March, with the help of many visitors, we witnessed the construction of 2 new vegetable gardens at the entrance of the farm. Both enclosed behind trusty chicken proof bamboo weaved fences. Thanks again to all involved.

Future Plans

Most exciting news is that our PAIMACULTURE PROJECT is on the way!!

With the addition of round nice dedicated beings and permaculture designer (Ariel) to the TacomePai community, we are now heading encouragingly towards initiating the development of an educational center / ecovillage/ organic farm just down the road.

We are forever looking to expand our teaching opportunities and pass on as much knowledge from all our related backgrounds in aspects of permaculture, sustainable construction and living for anyone willing to learn.

We are currently searching for different means of funding (Mainly water systems) as well as advertising and promoting the project. This includes much in depth logistical planning that comes with the forming of such a place. Especially, since we take interest in establishing an NGO with the main purpose of education.

Please contact us if you find interest in helping us make our dream a reality in any way you can imagine.

With the new farm will come new opportunities and from as early as June we are hoping to haveMudHutBuildingand Gardening workshops available. Who knows perhaps Mama may even teach weaving workshops as well.

We are also looking forward to making the TacomePai website a more dynamic and up to date representation of TacomePai. In addition we would like to add more pictures and much info as to follow the progress of any current projects. Creating an open online forum on the website to discuss anything the present and future may hold is also on the agenda and should be available soon. Any idea’s, feedback or aid you have before the forum is up and running would be greatly appreciated via email.

Before we depart

You have received this email, hence you have been a part of Tacomepai.  In doing so you have shared your time, experiences and most importantly your love which has no doubt aided TacomePai to become the beautiful place it is. So many amazing people have come and gone and certainly many of you have said ‘we will be come back’. This Newsletter is a symbol of us coming forward to you with as much thanks, blessing and peace as we can give all the way from Pai. If you know of anyone visiting the north ofThailand, please don’t forget to tell them to stop by.

Harmony to all and stay in touch.


Sandot and friends

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