Newsletter #10 June 2012

Tacomepai newsletter

The ‘sorry we’ve been a bit lazy but we have got round to writing eventually’ edition

Hey all!

Well yes it has been quite a while, apologies for that. But here we are!! Yet again brightening your day with Tacomepai love and sunshine!

To fill you in on the last 6 months…..

Where to start!

We had a very hectic high season, with up to 40 people staying at the farm at one point. But luckily for Sandot the amazing Laura and Ed super team came to stay for 4months, and not only took on the task of managing the kitchen and looking after all the lost travelers, but also built a house here on the farm, and got married! All our love to them.

Chloe and Batak from France made a storm at the rice harvest festival, cooking up a feast of homemade pizza! Sandot gives all his thanks to everyone who made last years festival such a huge success, and please everyone get prepared for this Decembers episode of fun.

On a less positive note, the house built by Mansaku on the new land sadly got completely burnt down during forest fires in the dry season. This year was particuly bad for fires with terrible air pollution affecting all the north of Thailand, and even local village houses getting destroyed in out of control fires.

But despite the setback, energies towards developing the new farm are ever increasing…..


We have a beautiful Japanese family joined us on the farm who have determined to keep action on the new land going and are in the process of setting up a project page on KickStarter an internet site to help new projects raise necessary funds. The money raised will be used for building a replacement house and classroom for the new land. Watch out for our email when the project is up online, any help in fundraising and spreading the word will be massively appreciated.

But despite the lack of funds work is still going ahead on the new land. Now the rains have come we have been out many a day planting trees, repairing dams, helping the locals to plant soybean and corn. And most exciting of all we have recruited the help of Bank, who has a permaculture farm called “Sangob” outside of Chiang Mai (check out:, but is intending to take on the task of managing the new land project and will be living out there in a temporary house in the next few weeks. So many opportunities for willing volunteers to come help and learn from him (plus he’s a really good cook!) Long term visa’s are now a possibility for anyone interested in coming to help on this project or others, let us know if you want more information.

We also have Megan and Julie from the PaiNai Association in France who have come to spend a month on the farm, learning and helping develop the new land. Thank you for all the efforts in sending us such lovely and willing volunteers.


Our next permaculture Course is ready and planned for 15th– 28thJuly. Sandot will be teaching as well as Marjtine (an experienced permaculture teacher from Holland). We have many Thai people and Ngo workers already signed up, so hopefully will make a good impact on developing permaculture and organics within Thailand. We still have places available for last minute bookings if your interested!

Our veteran resident on the farm Catherine (who does keep intending to leave but never quite manages it) has now got a job teaching in the local school, so will be a great resource to get permaculture into the local community.

And to end this newsletter on a uplifting note, inspiring a feeling of joy, happy thoughts and good deeds throughout the Tacomepai family, we are pleased to tell you that Matt the dog, is still with us, fat and content as ever. We know, everyone loves Matt.

As always, thankyou all for joining us, supporting the farm and projects and generally being nice people. Please let us know how your doing and projects that you are involved in, we always love to hear from old friends.


all at Tacomepai

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