Newsletter #11 Aug 2012

August 2012

Tacomepai Newsletter Number 11 – Piggy wigs.

Hey there critters!

The New Land

We are very pleased to announce that work is blasting ahead on the New Land Project. Have a look at the blog online to see what we’ve been up to as of late – Most of this action is down to the wonderful and incredibly amazing Bank, who has thrown himself into managing the project and is doing a great job. We have the New Land’s first ever newsletter in production at this very moment, so will be able to send it to you all soon.

We are still keeping our fingers crossed for out fundraising attempt on We the Trees www.wethetrees. We still have 33 days to go to raise the target amount and are already 29 percent of the way there. However if we don’t manage to reach our target before the deadline then we don’t get anything! If you can send the link to your friends, colleagues etc it would be a huge help. We have such a massive Tacomepai family across the world now; we must be able to do it!


The permaculture course here at the farm in July went very well. All our thanks to Martijn and Sandot for their great teaching, and Bank, Bas and Off for their culinary skills. We had a huge group here over the past month, but for the past few days have had a record zero paying guests staying at the farm! Bas, Bank and Cat are quite enjoying the peace and quiet, as well as all the leftover food in the kitchen.

Our next Permaculture Course will be happening from 1- 14th November. The usual stuff will be covered with practical and theoretical learning. The New Land project will play a big role too, so everyone can observe the differences between a well established system (Tacomepai) and a new project at the beginnings of implementation.

The rice has been successfully planted. We used the same method as last year, and so would like to thank all the dedicated people who sat for hours doing the massively boring job of making seed trays, we love you. Throwing the seed balls once they had sprouted was enjoyed by everyone however, a much easier method than the conventional transplanting by hand.

And finally Boy the buffalo proved his worth by spending an entire afternoon ploughing the rice fields. Apparently however 1 day of work per year is beyond most buffalo’s capacity as he had to spend the rest of the week in recovery. Luckily our hardcore helpers, Charity, Maia, Shen and Patrick were tough enough to get down and dirty in the paddies to finish the job.

Rice Harvest Festival 2012!

The dates are now set, 26th 27th 28th December. Many local Thai musicians, kids from the local schools and hilltribe groups will be joining us for our yearly celebration; we hope you can be there too.

Other News

For the first time in the history of Tacomepai, one of the Crispys and Bacons has been rescued from its fate of roasted pork chop. Shen, the savior of pig kind, has heroically decided to buy one of the baby pigs owned by Sandot, ensuring it a bright and happy future slop-eating, mud rolling and back scratching. The renamed ‘Boony’ (meaning Merit in Thai) will be moving to the New Land soon, starting the first of the projects animal population. We hope she will give us lots of lovely babies in future years.

That’s all for now, watch out for our New Land Newsletter coming soon!


Sandot and family.

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