Newsletter #2 June 2010

Greetings lovely people,

It’s everybody’s favourite time, TacomePai Newsletter Time!

Before we inform you of the news from TacomePai we would like to thank all that responded to our previous and first edition of this Newsletter. Your words of appreciation were read with great delight.

Recently at TacomePai…..

The mango season has passed and what a blessed time it was. Throughout May over 400kg of mango’s were consumed gleefully at the farm and sold throughout Pai in Sadot’s Car dubbed ‘The Mango Mobile’. Many residents have become saddened now they have had to change their diet that consisted of up to 8 mangos a day. Most of us have accepted our lack of mango intake but if you find yourself around the kitchen at 6:30am you will usually find Cat screaming at the bananas ‘Why aren’t you mangos!’

Thanks to the effort and time of many, Matt’s (not the dog’s) house was completed in early May. Matt can be found most days down at his new house where he claims he is writing while many rumours suggest he spends the days drinking lao kao and sharpening his machete.

On the 26th of May, Sandot, Ajan Noi and 6 others from the farm squashed into Sandot’s car and headed south to Chiang Mai where they were greeted by a group of Thai Eco Warriors that call themselves ‘Agric Nature Farm.’ It was an amazing experience for all that were present and gave us a chance to raise awareness of what Sandot is doing at TacomePai. We were also able to bring up our thoughts regarding the excess of plastic used in Thailand and the group decided to bring this topic up at their next meeting in 2 months. They also quite liked our bamboo collection of cups, plates and spoons so much that they intend to use them in meetings in the future.

A new addition to the farm to help us plow the rice fields is Mai Wong the buffalo. Mai Wong enjoys grazing the paddock when the heat gets a little too much taking a swim in the natural pond.


An unfortunate departure from Tacomepai however has been the lovely Mong, who has moved on to the big city of Chiang Mai. The farm is definatly more quiet without him and his antics, but we hear he is doing well and is happy.

TacomePai at present….

Much time recently has been spent down the road from TacomePai at,  ‘The School Project’ that intends to teach local people efficient and eco friendly ways of farming. We have been busily building a garden in the village with a well, moat and bamboo hut, and had the grand opening on the 14th June which was a huge success.This is great progress towards Sandot’s vision of educating the local people towards protection of the forest and a more self sustainable future.

The arrival of Mai Wong was a positive and exciting moment for all, not excluding Mai Wong who was so excited she decided to knock over several fences down near the swimming pond. Building of new Mai Wong proof fences will be under construction soon.

The rain we have all been waiting is finally arriving, though it is still not as continuous as we would hope. Thanks Global Warming. We are busily planting as much from the nursery as we can both here and on the new farm.

Speaking of the new farm, a large focus currently is fundraising for the production of a well, 2 dams and 4 water towers with a drinking water filtering system. All together this should cost about $7000. With the delay of the monsoon in Ban Tin That it is imperative to get the infrastructure of the water system begun as soon as possible to allow future development of the land. If you would like to donate or could help us in any way with fundraising we would be greatly appreciative.


As you’ve hopefully already seen we are having our first Permaculture Course in October. If you would like to join the course or think you can help in any way towards advertising then please get in touch.

We have also set dates for our annual rice harvest festival……… 17th, 18th and 19th December. This is a proven three days of fun and festivities, so book your plane ticket now and come join us!

As TacomePai is becoming a home to more long term residents we are sorting out the paper work that will enable Sandot to provide work permits for anyone wanting to stay long time.


Before we go…

We love to hear from you, suggestions or comments good (bad, not so much). Your all  part of the family and we hope you can return to see us again, but  even if your stuck at home with no time off work there’s still so many ways to get involved and continue to support Sandot and the farm. So keep in touch!!

Hope your all well and happy


Love Sandot and everyone else

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