Newsletter #3 July 2010

July 2010

‘The Global Warming is a ***t / Super Thanks Everybody’ Edition

Greetings lovely people,

I can’t believe it!!! It’s TacomePai Newsletter Time.


Recently at TacomePai,

After many long hours spent collecting seeds, potting compost, watering and watching things not grow, the young trees we have managed to produce have all been planted out on Tacomepai.These include teak, cotton, mango, papaya, jackfruit and redwood In addition, a farm near Pai cut down all their banana trees for more space to build guesthouse. Sandot was not going to sit by and watch the unnecessary death of so many trees so we collected all and replanted them at TacomePai. With these banana plants and the ones from the nursery over 200 have been planted within the last 6 weeks.

Mei Wongs (the buffalo’s) hut was built next to the upper rice fields in June. Mai Wong seems very pleased


Currently at TacomePai

The water shortage caused by global warming is affecting the farm in many different ways. For the last 2 months Banana’s have no longer been able to be consumed because their skins are cracking well before they are ripe. Sandots parents have assured us in their history on the farm and in the area this has never happened before.

The last month volunteers from tacomepai along with locals from around Ban Tin That have been busy preparing and planting in the rice fields. However the uncertainty of future rainy seasons has motivated Sandot to experiment with different forms of dry rice planting, hoping to find an effective way to reduce dependancy on water availability. If successful, Sandot will be able to pass this knowledge on to neighbouring villages to prepare for the upcoming years.

The Future

Sandot and the team will soon be busy upgrading the school house to make it a more versatile working environment. With our up and coming Permaculture course we need a spacious and functional learning area, and will be a good start towads developing the farm as a educational centre.

The development of Tacomepai as self sufficient and sustainable is progressing with the purchase of our first solar panal. This was intially planned to be used on the new land, but as we are still unable to develop there due to lack of funds, the panal will be installed at Cat’s house in the bottom rice field.

As just to be annoying and remind you all yet again (this will continue to happen for the next few months) we are having our Rice Harvest Festival on the 17th, 18th and 19th December, and our first permaculture course in October. If you can make it or think you can persuade your friends to come we will be delighted!

Check out our website for more info


Special thanks

A huge thank you to anyone who has stayed at TacomePai, whether it be for 1 day or 1 year. Your contribution no matter how small or large is greatly appreciated. Wether working in the rice fields, cooking for the people, playing guitar, teaching others yoga or simply patting matt the dog we thank you. Some people who have stayed have given more than expected and we would like to take this time to officially thank those people.

Christin Vidol from France who built the tree house, and made a major donation of 130,000 Baht towards the New Project

Stevo from Hawaii who donated what was needed to build the nursery house and nursery house water system

Laura Pipi Lemon from London who’s parents own a Thai Restaurant called Bedlington at 24 Fauconberg Rd, Chiswick, London. After telling her parents about Sandot’s Vision her parents vitited and donated 165,000 Baht that helped buy the new land for the New Project. Laura also intends to volunteer for 1 year with her boyfriend next year in August

Thank you Leon from England who donated 30,000 towards the New Project.

Mansaku Asano from Japan who donated 60000 baht to build the house for the New Project. He visited again in July wanting to see New Projects progress but was a little sad because we are still unable to plant at the new project until we can install the new water pump system (this is the main thing we need money for)

Before we go

From the responses from our last newsletter it seems some of you are still keen to help out where you can even if you can’t make it back to the farm for a while. We woul therefore like to make a plea for help, suggestions or advice on how to approach fundraising. Any experience or contacts would be very much appreciated as we are all fairly clueless on how to successfully go about this task.

And last but not least we would like to say our farewells and say a big lovely thankyou to Sam, Corado and Sarah, all big characters on the farm and who will be missed.


Right, that’s it for now. We will give you another exciting Tacomepai update next month (or whenever Matt can be bothered writing…).


Hope you all well and happy



Sandot and everyone else.

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