Newsletter #5 Nov 2010

The ‘Oh my gosh its just so exciting’ Edition.

Greetings friends and loved ones,

Well here’s another reason why today is turning out to be possibly the best day of your life… the Tacomepai Newsletter is here!!

Recently at Tacomepai…

Tacomepai’s first ever permaculture course has been successfully completed with 16 happy, healthy, newly qualified permaculturists being released into the wild.

All our thanks and love go to Eileen, Will and Shelly for teaching and running the course and being generally fabulous, Lu and Cat for cooking (successfully without causing any food poisoning related deaths), Jo for entertaining all the girls, and everyone else who helped out in so many ways. Our best wishes also go to Ashley and Rob, and we hope you can come join us again in the future.

The money raised from this course is to be put into developing the water system on the new farm. Two dams, a well and a water pump are to be built in the next few months, which can then allows volunteers to live and work on the land.

The lady at the local village shop has received an award from the Pai mayor person for encouraging people to stop using plastic bags. We like her a lot.

Our lovely French friends, Leonard and Lucie, have set up the PaiNai Association to raise funds for volunteers to come to Tacomepai and work on projects based on the new land. Check out their facebook group or email us for more information;!/pages/Association-PaiNai/156110627759988


Currently at Tacomepai…

Everyone is sleeping quite a lot, work will commence in a few days.

The future


After the success of the permaculture course we are now planning a natural building course this month (15th – 22nd November) to be run by Will and Shelly. This will be a two weeks of classroom and practical learning with lots of exciting things covered. We are also hoping to run another building course in January, and a second Permaculture Course in July 2011.

The new land is going to be awesome! Christine and Francis are currently living on the farm and are working hard clearing the area, making compost and growing vegetables. With water facilities planned soon we hope permanent workers can be established for next year. If you fancy the challenge, get in touch!

We are also possibly getting money from Chiang Mai University to develop a natural dying course and facilities which should be just lovely. If anyone knows people who could potentially teach this course, please let us know.

And of course, our amazing, exciting, funfilled Rice Harvest Festival is less than two months away!! We’ve attached the poster to this newsletter, so if you’re the kind of person who is especially lovely and kind you might fancy helping us advertise…

Arrivals and Departures

We said a sad goodbye to Matt (don’t worry, not the dog) and Sam, long term residents of the farm who were very much missed, (well for about two days but then new people came and we soon forgot about them).

And a big helloha to returnees Osiris, Christine, Lucie and Cullen (I think that’s everyone, sorry if we’ve forgotten anyone else..)

Mae Wong is still to return, information is unclear as to her whereabouts at the present time, forest/Chiang Mai/barbeque have all been possible suggestions…

Congratulations are in order for our long term resident Silvia who is soon to be expecting her first litter. We wish her and her pups all the best (as long as they behave and don’t destroy the vegetable garden like last time).

And just before we depart and leave you craving for another newsletter edition we’d like to give a huge, big thank you to those who have recently donated to the farm; Cesar, Christine, Ant and Tessa, you are our new favorites!!

Say yes to bicycle power!

Lots of love Sandot and family

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