Newsletter #6 Dec 2010

Tacomepai Newsletter Number 6

The ‘Happy Rice Harvest Festival (and Christmas)’ Edition

Greetings Friends,

And so, just to add the extra little bit of sparkle to your Christmas festivities, here is the next instalment of

‘life here at Tacomepai!’.

Recently at Tacomepai…

The new land is looking fabulous, all thanks to the fantastical Christine and Francis who sacrificed comfort, friends, and the opportunity to shower, in order to transform the farm from an overgrown jungle into a vegetable producing paradise. With their efforts, plus an extra dam built in the river, a soon to be built well and water pump, the new farm is well on its way to having long term residents and a proper reforestation programme.

Which is all extremely wonderful as our much loved Lucie and Leo from France are hopefully soon sending over the first volunteers from the PaiNai association We hope to see you soon!

Unless you have living in a small box with no outside communication (or have been to lazy to read our newsletters up to now) you should all be aware that we have just had our 4th Rice Harvest Festival. Much fun was had by all with good music, good food, and a lot of Tacomepai loveliness! Attempts were made to keep the farm an economic free zone during the festival, with exchange rather than trade, but the Baht won out in the end. We will try again next year.

Tacomepai coffee is here for the second year running! Orders will have to be placed fast as supplies are limited, (current value is approximately $23.69 per gram, due to the ridiculous amount of time spent picking, shelling, cleaning, drying, dehusking and roasting…). Interested buyers please get in touch.

Currently at Tacomepai…

Work is underway to prepare the farm for our next permaculture course (9th-24th January), with areas to

demonstrate design, garden work, building, composting, and more. We also have dates set for a third course

from 16th – 30th June 2011. Please spread the word, or if you can come join us for the course!

The local school is looking lovely after Sandot and a few willing Tacomepioneers took on the challenge to

design and plant an organic, permaculture vegetable garden. The garden is now being managed by the school children, and building work is ongoing. Thanks to Chris for all his dedication to this project.

Our good friend Na is also busy working hard on a building project in a village on the northern Myanmar

border. He hopes to complete a mud built school over the next few months, with the help of volunteers and



The Future…

As so the time has eventually arrived when our beloved Sandot is actually, seriously considering taking a

proper holiday! If all goes to plan he will be off adventuring the world (or at least beyond Pai) in the next

couple of months. So make sure you keep a look out for the long awaited bamboo aeroplane, and keep your

couches free in case he happens to drop by for a visit…

Arrivals and Departures….

Rumours have been drifting through the Tacomepai air that the elusive Mae Wong is set to return to her

deserted buffalo hut. We hope she travels safely, and not barbequed and marinated with spicy sauce,….

Silvia’s three pups are doing well, although Matt does not appear overly impressed with the situation.

And finally before we depart from your lives once more we’d like o say a big thankyou to Laura and her

family for donating yet again to our project.

Much love

Sandot and family and everyone else

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