Newsletter #7 Feb 2011

The ‘Quite a lot has been happening recetly’ Edition

Greetings loved ones,

First off, before we get into the boring bit we would like to declare the dates for our third permaculture course as officially decided! We’ll be having the course from the 17th to the 31st of July, so please spread the word, and if you can come and join us. All profits will go towards developing Sandot’s second farm project (and not towards buying an inflatable slide for the swimming pool, although that would be really fun..)

Recently at Tacomepai.

As always there has been lots of exciting stuff happening here at Tacomepai, not least of all the completion of our second permaculture course, taught by the wonderful Christian Shearer of the Panya Project. All our thanks go to Christian and the students for helping to support Tacomepai as an Education centre and for being generally lovely and wonderful to have around on the farm. The students also helped towards creating a design for Lu and Cat’s farm which they hope to start work on in the next few months (any interested volunteers or generous, wealthy people who enjoy giving away free money, please get in touch).

We would also like to declare all our love and thanks to Osiris Weiland who dedicated his time on the farm to sit at his computer and create an information database for the tree species at Tacomepai. The information that has already been completed is now on display on trees throughout the farm, but there are still many species to be researched and recorded. Osi has therefore created a Wikispace for any other good, kind-hearted folk to contribute to the database, and also allow everyone to access the information

During the rainy season just passed Sandot has experimented planting dry rice instead of the flooded rice that is usually planted in the area. Unfortuanly however, yields of the dry rice were very low, as it is adapted to grow in higher altitude up in the mountains. We think however?????

Currently at Tacomepai


17 Thai college students have come up to visit Tacomepai from Bangkok, and have been set hard to work building a dam in the forest to protect the water supply at Sandot’s new farm. We now have 15completed dams?? Along the Mae ?? river that connects the forest to Sandot’s and other surrounding farmland. We hope these will be effective in slowing the passage of water through the area, so a stable year round water supply can be achieved.

Rubbish/trash continues to be an issue for our village with poor communication, government responsibility and environmental consideration. Tacomepai has therefore decided to strengthen our policy of no plastic on the farm, with guests encouraged to use bamboo baskets whenever they go to the market, and recycle and reuse as much as possible.

We are excitied to accounce the very near completion of our sauna! The initial idea was brought about by Will, David and Shelly, to capture the heat generated from the charcoal oven by building a mud hut directly above the oven. Testing is still to be completed…

The kindhearted Paul from Austraila has installed a waste water system for the shower by the workshop. By collecting the shower waste water using lots of sand underlayed with plastic sheeting, he has been able to direct the water through piping and slowly filter into an area planted up with bananas, ginger and lemongrass. Using such techniques, grey water can be used for multiple functions, reducing waste and hlping to keep the farm green and beautiful all year.

The Future

Arrivals and Departures


The PaiNai association has successfully transported three willing volunteers from the distant land of France to Tacomepai. They are currently getting involved in farm life and will be ???

Silvias three puppies (Bobby, Floppy and Kwenny) have been adopted by Cat and Lu, they all seem very happy.

Newsletter #11 Aug 2012

August 2012

Tacomepai Newsletter Number 11 – Piggy wigs.

Hey there critters!

The New Land

We are very pleased to announce that work is blasting ahead on the New Land Project. Have a look at the blog online to see what we’ve been up to as of late – Most of this action is down to the wonderful and incredibly amazing Bank, who has thrown himself into managing the project and is doing a great job. We have the New Land’s first ever newsletter in production at this very moment, so will be able to send it to you all soon.

We are still keeping our fingers crossed for out fundraising attempt on We the Trees www.wethetrees. We still have 33 days to go to raise the target amount and are already 29 percent of the way there. However if we don’t manage to reach our target before the deadline then we don’t get anything! If you can send the link to your friends, colleagues etc it would be a huge help. We have such a massive Tacomepai family across the world now; we must be able to do it!


The permaculture course here at the farm in July went very well. All our thanks to Martijn and Sandot for their great teaching, and Bank, Bas and Off for their culinary skills. We had a huge group here over the past month, but for the past few days have had a record zero paying guests staying at the farm! Bas, Bank and Cat are quite enjoying the peace and quiet, as well as all the leftover food in the kitchen.

Our next Permaculture Course will be happening from 1- 14th November. The usual stuff will be covered with practical and theoretical learning. The New Land project will play a big role too, so everyone can observe the differences between a well established system (Tacomepai) and a new project at the beginnings of implementation.

The rice has been successfully planted. We used the same method as last year, and so would like to thank all the dedicated people who sat for hours doing the massively boring job of making seed trays, we love you. Throwing the seed balls once they had sprouted was enjoyed by everyone however, a much easier method than the conventional transplanting by hand.

And finally Boy the buffalo proved his worth by spending an entire afternoon ploughing the rice fields. Apparently however 1 day of work per year is beyond most buffalo’s capacity as he had to spend the rest of the week in recovery. Luckily our hardcore helpers, Charity, Maia, Shen and Patrick were tough enough to get down and dirty in the paddies to finish the job.

Rice Harvest Festival 2012!

The dates are now set, 26th 27th 28th December. Many local Thai musicians, kids from the local schools and hilltribe groups will be joining us for our yearly celebration; we hope you can be there too.

Other News

For the first time in the history of Tacomepai, one of the Crispys and Bacons has been rescued from its fate of roasted pork chop. Shen, the savior of pig kind, has heroically decided to buy one of the baby pigs owned by Sandot, ensuring it a bright and happy future slop-eating, mud rolling and back scratching. The renamed ‘Boony’ (meaning Merit in Thai) will be moving to the New Land soon, starting the first of the projects animal population. We hope she will give us lots of lovely babies in future years.

That’s all for now, watch out for our New Land Newsletter coming soon!


Sandot and family.

Newsletter #10 June 2012

Tacomepai newsletter

The ‘sorry we’ve been a bit lazy but we have got round to writing eventually’ edition

Hey all!

Well yes it has been quite a while, apologies for that. But here we are!! Yet again brightening your day with Tacomepai love and sunshine!

To fill you in on the last 6 months…..

Where to start!

We had a very hectic high season, with up to 40 people staying at the farm at one point. But luckily for Sandot the amazing Laura and Ed super team came to stay for 4months, and not only took on the task of managing the kitchen and looking after all the lost travelers, but also built a house here on the farm, and got married! All our love to them.

Chloe and Batak from France made a storm at the rice harvest festival, cooking up a feast of homemade pizza! Sandot gives all his thanks to everyone who made last years festival such a huge success, and please everyone get prepared for this Decembers episode of fun.

On a less positive note, the house built by Mansaku on the new land sadly got completely burnt down during forest fires in the dry season. This year was particuly bad for fires with terrible air pollution affecting all the north of Thailand, and even local village houses getting destroyed in out of control fires.

But despite the setback, energies towards developing the new farm are ever increasing…..


We have a beautiful Japanese family joined us on the farm who have determined to keep action on the new land going and are in the process of setting up a project page on KickStarter an internet site to help new projects raise necessary funds. The money raised will be used for building a replacement house and classroom for the new land. Watch out for our email when the project is up online, any help in fundraising and spreading the word will be massively appreciated.

But despite the lack of funds work is still going ahead on the new land. Now the rains have come we have been out many a day planting trees, repairing dams, helping the locals to plant soybean and corn. And most exciting of all we have recruited the help of Bank, who has a permaculture farm called “Sangob” outside of Chiang Mai (check out:, but is intending to take on the task of managing the new land project and will be living out there in a temporary house in the next few weeks. So many opportunities for willing volunteers to come help and learn from him (plus he’s a really good cook!) Long term visa’s are now a possibility for anyone interested in coming to help on this project or others, let us know if you want more information.

We also have Megan and Julie from the PaiNai Association in France who have come to spend a month on the farm, learning and helping develop the new land. Thank you for all the efforts in sending us such lovely and willing volunteers.


Our next permaculture Course is ready and planned for 15th– 28thJuly. Sandot will be teaching as well as Marjtine (an experienced permaculture teacher from Holland). We have many Thai people and Ngo workers already signed up, so hopefully will make a good impact on developing permaculture and organics within Thailand. We still have places available for last minute bookings if your interested!

Our veteran resident on the farm Catherine (who does keep intending to leave but never quite manages it) has now got a job teaching in the local school, so will be a great resource to get permaculture into the local community.

And to end this newsletter on a uplifting note, inspiring a feeling of joy, happy thoughts and good deeds throughout the Tacomepai family, we are pleased to tell you that Matt the dog, is still with us, fat and content as ever. We know, everyone loves Matt.

As always, thankyou all for joining us, supporting the farm and projects and generally being nice people. Please let us know how your doing and projects that you are involved in, we always love to hear from old friends.


all at Tacomepai