Newsletter #5 Nov 2010

The ‘Oh my gosh its just so exciting’ Edition.

Greetings friends and loved ones,

Well here’s another reason why today is turning out to be possibly the best day of your life… the Tacomepai Newsletter is here!!

Recently at Tacomepai…

Tacomepai’s first ever permaculture course has been successfully completed with 16 happy, healthy, newly qualified permaculturists being released into the wild.

All our thanks and love go to Eileen, Will and Shelly for teaching and running the course and being generally fabulous, Lu and Cat for cooking (successfully without causing any food poisoning related deaths), Jo for entertaining all the girls, and everyone else who helped out in so many ways. Our best wishes also go to Ashley and Rob, and we hope you can come join us again in the future.

The money raised from this course is to be put into developing the water system on the new farm. Two dams, a well and a water pump are to be built in the next few months, which can then allows volunteers to live and work on the land.

The lady at the local village shop has received an award from the Pai mayor person for encouraging people to stop using plastic bags. We like her a lot.

Our lovely French friends, Leonard and Lucie, have set up the PaiNai Association to raise funds for volunteers to come to Tacomepai and work on projects based on the new land. Check out their facebook group or email us for more information;!/pages/Association-PaiNai/156110627759988


Currently at Tacomepai…

Everyone is sleeping quite a lot, work will commence in a few days.

The future


After the success of the permaculture course we are now planning a natural building course this month (15th – 22nd November) to be run by Will and Shelly. This will be a two weeks of classroom and practical learning with lots of exciting things covered. We are also hoping to run another building course in January, and a second Permaculture Course in July 2011.

The new land is going to be awesome! Christine and Francis are currently living on the farm and are working hard clearing the area, making compost and growing vegetables. With water facilities planned soon we hope permanent workers can be established for next year. If you fancy the challenge, get in touch!

We are also possibly getting money from Chiang Mai University to develop a natural dying course and facilities which should be just lovely. If anyone knows people who could potentially teach this course, please let us know.

And of course, our amazing, exciting, funfilled Rice Harvest Festival is less than two months away!! We’ve attached the poster to this newsletter, so if you’re the kind of person who is especially lovely and kind you might fancy helping us advertise…

Arrivals and Departures

We said a sad goodbye to Matt (don’t worry, not the dog) and Sam, long term residents of the farm who were very much missed, (well for about two days but then new people came and we soon forgot about them).

And a big helloha to returnees Osiris, Christine, Lucie and Cullen (I think that’s everyone, sorry if we’ve forgotten anyone else..)

Mae Wong is still to return, information is unclear as to her whereabouts at the present time, forest/Chiang Mai/barbeque have all been possible suggestions…

Congratulations are in order for our long term resident Silvia who is soon to be expecting her first litter. We wish her and her pups all the best (as long as they behave and don’t destroy the vegetable garden like last time).

And just before we depart and leave you craving for another newsletter edition we’d like to give a huge, big thank you to those who have recently donated to the farm; Cesar, Christine, Ant and Tessa, you are our new favorites!!

Say yes to bicycle power!

Lots of love Sandot and family

Newsletter #9 June 2011

Greetings friends,

Recently at Tacomepai

After Tacome’s farewell ceremony, work on the farm has commenced, with many hole’s dug, plant’s planted, naps taken and other such tasks.

And to make the work a bit more fun, the constant hot temperatures (May being Pai’s hottest month) has been replaced with unusually rainy weather, so everywhere is looking very green and beautiful (and the vegetable garden is full of weeds…).

We have taken advantage of the early rains to plant out small crops of soybean, peanut and sesame, enough to supply the house and kitchen and ensure we can avoid depending on chemically grown harvests.

Sandot is also using sesame on his rice fields to help prevent the growth of weeds, and provide a green compost for when rice planting time arrives.


Currently at Tacomepai

The second team of willing volunteers from the PaiNai Association have now joined us on the farm; Victor, Flo and Adrian will be with us for the next month and are already stuck into work building another large dam for the new farm project. We hope these dams will now be sufficient to hold water for throughout the dry season, which we can then use for watering trees and plants. This will be especially useful as we still don’t have enough funds to install a water pump. As there is no electrify available on the farm we will need a much more expensive diesel pump, and then water tanks and pipes are also required increasing the cost.

With out continued Permaculture Courses however this money can be raised… and don’t forgot to spread the word – out next course is running from the 17th to the 31st July, lead by the Australian Stephen Thomas.


The Future

Arrivals and Departures

We have three new kittens being extremely cute and terror some.

We have acquired rabbits, although they are fond of escaping and may provide an important source of protein in the future.

Our duck population has exploded with our most recent hatchlings from one mother numbering 20.

Mae Wong has returned! Although strange things have occurred in the forest, as she has returned as a male and about five years younger than when she left. She has been renamed ‘Boy’ and with her newly acquired youth will hopefully prove to be very useful in the rice fields.

Newsletter #4 Aug 2010

The ‘So much is happening that this is a really long newsletter’ Edition

Greetings loved ones,

Has there been something missing in your life? Well here it is, the TacomePai Newsletter!!!

Recently at TacomePai

The beginning of August approached with the sweet serenade of mating frogs. The deep alien like hum that came from the pond each night was quite frightening to some new residents but to most of us, was nothing less than beautiful. We wish their offsprng happy and healthy lives.

Sandots’ new house is slowly being built; it will be 2 story building with a mud structure as the first level and a bamboo top. It should be lovely.

What if I wished to sample the delicious organic food from Tacomepai but didnt have time to stay? A good question you’ve asked and soon will be solved as the dorm room at the front of the farm is currently being transformed into an organic, bambooriffic restaurant. Lu and Cat will be running this project, which will be focused on local organic produce and hopefully be super tasty and amazing. Much effort is also being put into developing the vegetable garden in preparation for the restaurant opening, it’s all very exciting.


With the success of the last community project involving the creation of a permaculture garden in the local village, the local primary school has asked Sandot prepare another similar project to provide an example for their students. We only have a month until the opening night so we have a lot of work ahead of us! If anyone can offer their permaculturist skills or would be interested in teaching English at the school, get in touch as we have a free on site position for anyone wishing to help with this project.

Sandot is also having big success in getting the local village to take more care over the use of plastic bags and creation of rubbish. Setting the example of using baskets rather than disposable plastic, the local shop has now followed suit and is encoraging customers to use plastic bags less.

Even though you all already know about it, we’ll mention it again just to because we love annoying you. The Permaculture Course and Rice Harvest Festival are coming soon so get yourself and all your friends/relatives/colleagues/any one else you might have known at some point, here and join in the fun!

We’d like to give a lovely big thank you to Katie from the USA who has donated $500 to the farm.

Departures and Arrivals

We have said goodbye to Crispy and Bacon and will be welcoming in 2 new piglets shortly. A fresh new pig pen has been built while we await their arrival.

Congratulations and Goodbyes were in order as Mae Wong who finished her field ploughing degree and has been promoted to a forest buffalo. We hope she enjoys her new home until next rice planting season.

Remember to check the website for anymore updates. And before we say goodbye we would like to end this newsletter with a short follow up story to something that was written in the very first newsletter. We hope it touches all your hearts as it has ours.

Five months ago a keen fisherman from York called Johnny Kendal while smoking something questionable looked at Matt the dog and said to himself ‘that dog works too hard, he needs a basket to rest in and by god I’m going to be the man that builds it’. Johnny knew to build a basket big enough for the rotund dog wouldn’t be easy. He enlisted the help of Jo and 3 days later Matt’s Dog basket was complete, unfortunately however Matt wouldn’t get in it no matter how hard he was kicked (we didn’t really kick him). Since then the basket was used to carry compost, mulch and store woodchips in the kitchen where it has now been for over 2 months. One night when the rain was particularity heavy Matt’s eyes scanned the kitchen area to look for somewhere dry to sit as the ground was beginning to flood. All the dry seats were sat on by people so Matt crawled up under the kitchen bench and into the basket of woodchips. Some people say dogs can’t smile; those people are liars because that night Matt smiled. Matt smiled like a mother fucker. He now happily sleeps there most nights. As for Johnny, he is getting married to his beautiful fiancée Aislin this week. We wish them all the best.

Say no to plastic bags!


Love Sandot and friends.